Digital Whiteboard Hardware Recommendations

Digital Signage Screen

Any Full HD screen (1080p) should work, but because of the amount of information that will be displayed on each screen by the digital whiteboard, we recommend a 4K screen (3840x2160). Note that if you use devices with less than a Full HD (1080p) resolution, some user interface issues may occur.

Screen Options

Because Provet Cloud digital whiteboard is a web-based application, it is possible to use any device that has a well supported browser and a signage solution.

Monitors are the most cost-effective for anything between 19-32 inches.

Non-smart TVs are the best budget-friendly large screen option.

Note that both monitors and non-smart TVs require additional hardware, such as Raspberry Pi, Chromecast, Mini-PC, Amazon Fire TV stick, etc.

Smart TVs are an all-in-one solution as they are essentially a TV with built-in computing capabilities and software. Operating systems may include Android TV, Tizen TV from Samsung, webOS TVs from LG, and even some based on Windows or Linux. However, note that it is important to review the TV specifications and performance as TVs manufactured before the year 2020 may include some legacy browsing issues.

Consumer TVs are displays designed to be used for about 8 hours a day. In 24/7 digital signage usage, they will loose quality over time, and develop issues such as edge burn-in and color distortion.

Professional TVs, also known as commercial grade TVs, are designed for digital signage and longer display times, usually 16-24 hours a day 7 days a week (referred to as 16/7 or 24/7 in the TV specifications). Professional displays have an advantage over consumer TVs in terms of build quality, durability, brightness, and even outdoor use.

Screen summary

  Monitor Non-smart TV Smart TV Commercial screen
Price range $ $$ $$$ $$$$
Best for Screens between 17” and 32” Most cost-effective screen when you want 32”+ All-in-one solution 24/7 usage or long-term usage
Limitations Smaller, require an additional media device Require an additional media device Often do not offer a lot of horsepower Expensive and more difficult to procure

Digital Signage Media Devices

For a regular, non-smart TV or a monitor, you need a media player device or a 'signage' device to turn the TV or monitor into a smart, connected device that can be used for digital signage.

Media Device Options

Device Display capabilities Wi-Fi Connectivity
Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Supports 4K content Wi-Fi 5
Fire TV Stick with 4K Max Supports 4K content Wi-Fi 6
Android Chromecast with Google TV 1080p HDR/4K HDR Wi-Fi (2.4GHz/5GHz)
ASUS Chromebox 3 Supports dual 4K screens via USB 3.1 Type-C ports Wi-Fi 802.11, 1Gbps LAN
ASUS Chromebox 4 Supports 4K content Wi-Fi 6, 1G LAN
ASUS Chromebox 5 Supports 4K content Wi-Fi 6, 2.5 Gbps LAN
ASUS Chromebit CS10 Stick 2GB RAM, 16GB storage Wi-Fi 802.11
Raspberry Pi 4 2 Micro HDMI supports 4K Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Gigabit Ethernet
Yodeck (highly recommended)    

Other Alternatives (Popular Signage Solutions)

Screen Cloud Rise Vision
Raydiant Screenscape
Enplug Xogo
Screenly SmartSign2go
Pi Signage Pickcel
Spectrio truDigital
OptiSigns Playsignage
NoviSign SpinetiX
OnSign TV Screen Hub
Compare to Yodeck  

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