I created a credit note but used the wrong date

Note that depending on your department's credit note settings, it may not be possible to change the credit note date if the current date is always used.

If the credit note is still a draft and changing the date is possible, you can edit the date by selecting the date link in the top right-hand part of the credit note page.


If you already finalised the credit note, you must first cancel the incorrect credit note entirely and then create another credit note.

  1. If payments are still missing on the original invoice and the incorrect credit note, use Pay with credit note on the original invoice.
  2. Create a new credit note for the incorrect credit note and select Fully credit the invoice.
  3. Select the correct date for the credit note. This is typically the original credit note date (select the Use original invoice date checkbox). Select all payments to refund and select Continue. This credit note will have a positive total since you are cancelling the first credit note.
  4. Create another new credit note on the previous credit note and select Refund all. This time, select the correct, intended date. This credit note will again have a negative total like the original credit note with the wrong date.

Note that the process may be more complicated if payment integrations have been used.

For partial refunds, see I created a partial credit note but used the wrong amounts or percentages

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