I credited the whole invoice when only one item should have been credited

If the credit note is still a draft, you can still edit it and remove the items you do not want to credit. If you already finalised the credit note, you must create another credit note for the incorrect credit note.

  1. If payments had not been added to the original invoice yet when you created the first credit note, pay off the original invoice using Pay with credit note.
  2. Create a new credit note for the full credit note and select Credit some invoice items.
  3. Select the items that should not have been credited and select Continue. This credit note will have a positive total since you are cancelling the first credit note.
  4. On the new credit note, add the payment for the corrected sum.

On the Billing tab of the client's page, you will find the original invoice and the related credit notes as in the image below - the original invoice (1), the incorrect credit note for the entire invoice (2), and the credit note for the correct items (3).


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