Automatic Reminder Rule Examples

See how to set up automatic patient reminders.

Annual Exam Reminder


In this example, a reminder is triggered for the next annual exam then the consultation invoice for a patient's annual exam is finalised. The reminder will be sent 45 days before the annual exam due date.


Vaccine Reminders

When creating reminder rules for vaccination services, it is important to select the vaccine procedure as the trigger item and not the medicine item. If you use the medicine item, it will trigger every reminder rule that has the same item selected, and this will generate multiple false reminders.

Learn more about the recommended vaccine item setup.


A rabies vaccine can be valid for 1 year or 3 years, and in this example, a patient receives a vaccine that is valid for 3 years. The vaccination procedure item is the same for both. In this case, the 3 year reminder rule should override the 1 year reminder rule. If you use different vaccination procedure items for the 1 and 3 year vaccines, there is no need to override rules.



Medication Reminder

Example 1: 3 month supply of medication

In this example, a patient gets a 3 month supply (90 days) of medication, and you want to remind them to give the medicine once a month. You want to send a reminder two days before the due date each month.

Create three reminder rules for the medicine item:

  • First reminder: Set reminder expiry/due date after: 30 days, Send before: 2 days
  • Second reminder: Set reminder expiry/due date after: 60 days, Send before: 2 days
  • Third reminder: Set reminder expiry/due date after: 90 days, Send before: 2 days


Example 2: Reminders are reset when the medicine is purchased

In this example, you want to set up monthly medicine reminders for 6 months, so that they are reset when the medicine is purchased.

<<Set the "Remove existing duplicate reminders that are due in" setting high enough, for example, 365 days.
Create a different reminder template for each of the six reminders, for example, "Medicine X 1st reminder", "Medicine X 2nd reminder" etc.
Create six reminder rules with expiry settings as follows:
1st reminder - 30 days
2nd reminder - 60 days
3rd reminder - 90 days
4th reminder - 120 days
5th reminder - 150 days
6th reminder - 180 days

When the client purchases the medicine, these 6 reminders triggered and the old duplicates are removed. Then they come back the next day and purchase the next medicine, because they will be out of town for the following month. In this case, the "Remove existing duplicate reminders that are due in" setting must be set 180 days at the minimum to remove the duplicate reminder number 6.

If all 6 reminders were using the same reminder template, all duplicate reminders would be removed when the medicine is sold, leaving only reminder 6.>>

Call Client Reminder

You can also use reminders as a tool to remind staff about patient-related tasks, for example, to call the client after a patient's procedure.


  • Create a reminder template for the client call. It can be a simple template that only has a title such as 'Call client after surgery'.
  • Create reminder rule using, for example, the Post sending method and set '0' for the Send before setting since you do not want to send this reminder to a client by email or SMS, but only have it as an internal staff reminder. You will then see the reminder on the Records > Reminders page and the Reminder tab of the client page with the due date highlighted in orange when the client call is due or red if the due date has passed.



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