View the Reminder Sending Queue

You can view the reminders saved for a specific client on the client page > Reminders tab. All reminders of all clients are shown on the Records > Reminders tab.

The reminders are added to a sending queue and will be sent automatically at the defined times. Automated reminders are queued for sending 30 days before their sending date. Appointment reminders are queued immediately when the appointment is created.

Sending Queue Functions

The Sending queue column shows the date, time, and sending method of the reminder.

You can edit (1) or delete (2) a reminder using the buttons at the end of the reminder row.

When a reminder has been sent, it is removed from the sending queue, and the Send column shows when the reminder was sent. If you want to send an already sent reminder again, select the plus button (3) and add a new send date.

To send a reminder manually right away, select the send button (4).

If a reminder is not sent at its defined time, check your account's SMS balance and that the client's email and/or phone number are saved in their details.

To view more information about reminders, select the Show info button at the top of the page on the Records > Reminders tab.

See examples of reminder email and SMS messages that a client would receive.


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