Book an Appointment for a Client

  1. Go to Appointments and click in the calendar column of the staff member (or resource, ward etc.) you want to schedule an appointment for. To set the time and duration of the appointment, you can either click and drag in the calendar or set the time in the New appointment dialogue box in the next step.
  2. Fill in the required appointment information: 
    • Reason type: May be required depending on the department settings.
    • Reason: The text in this field will be added to the confirmation message sent to the client.
    • Client: If the client is not known, you must add a note in the Notes field. 
    • Veterinarian or Resource (for example, equipment such as an ultrasound)
  3. Fill in any additional information.

    Note that when you admit the patient or start the consultation, you can still edit and add information. For example, you can add responsible nurses to the consultation if adding nurses is enabled in the department settings.
  4. Select the client email and SMS communication options. Reminders are sent based on the department's booking reminder settings or appointment reason settings.
  5. Select Save. The appointment shows up in the calendar of the staff member(s) and resource(s) it was added for.

Additional Information and Tips

  • Note that users can disallow booking appointments outside their scheduled shifts.
  • Depending on the settings, booking appointments outside the clinic's opening hours may be possible.
  • You can also start booking and appointment from the client and patient page. When in the client section, select New > +Appointment, or when in the patient section, select the +Appointment button. You are directed to the appointment calendar, and the client and patient information is automatically filled in when you add a new appointment.

Additional appointment information:

  • From the Appointment type list, you can select the nature of the appointment, for example, Consultation. Online booking is automatically selected for appointments booked through online booking, and Internal booking is used for scheduling for another staff resource within the same department. Other can be used, for example, for a training or a meeting.
  • In the Instructions field, you can add instructions or additional information for the client. Default instructions may have been added for the reason type in the reason settings, but you can edit them or add new instructions. The text in this field will be added to the confirmation message sent to the client (see step 3).
  • In Additional users, you can select more staff members for the appointment if needed.
  • Patient type is available if the patient referrals function is used in your system.

Client email and SMS communication options:

  • When Create email reminder and/or Create SMS reminder is selected, a notification under the duration settings shows when a reminder will be sent to the client.
  • You can edit the confirmation or reminder messages to add additional information or instructions: select the edit link to open the message field. You can type directly in the field or use a template if available.
  • If pre-registration is used in your Provet Cloud, the confirmation and reminder messages also include a link to pre-registration where the client can check their information and answer possible preliminary questions.
  • Note that the communication options and messages are usually defined according to the organisation’s policy. Before making any changes to the default settings, check your policy with your supervisor.

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