Two-Step Invoice Finalisation and Payment

If you agree with a client to receive the payment later, you follow the two-step workflow, first finalising the invoice and adding the payment later.

If your clinic uses Nordhealth Pay or the Gravity Payments integration, see Nordhealth Pay or Gravity Payments for invoice and payment processing.

1. Finalise the invoice.

Even if the single-step invoice finalisation and payment options are enabled, you can still follow the two-step process if required. For example, sometimes you may agree with a client to receive the payment later. In this case, select the Finalise button to finalise the invoice without adding the payment at the same time.


If your clinic uses only the two-step workflow for invoice finalisation and payments, the single-step payment options are not available on the invoice page and you must always finalise the invoice first before you can add the payment. In this case, select the Finalise invoice button.


If you select the Agreed to pay later checkbox, the invoice due date is shown under the Payments section on the invoice page and you can change it.

2. Add the payment.

  1. On the invoice page, scroll to the Payments section and select + Payment.
    • If your clinic uses prepayments, the button shows Use prepayment as the main option when the client has prepayment balance on their account. To use another payment option, select the small arrow next to the button and select Payment from the menu.
  2. The total payment sum is automatically added in the Paid field. If the client wants to use more than one payment method to pay the total invoice sum (or an insurance company pays a part of the invoice amount), you can edit the sum and add several payments with different payment methods.
  3. From the Payment type drop-down list, select the payment method.
    • The Cash received and Cash return fields are available for cash payments. When you enter the received amount, the return amount is automatically calculated based on the invoice total.
  4. The payment Date is automatically set, but you can change it if necessary. You can also add any optional notes in the Info field.
  5. Select the green checkmark button to save the payment.

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