Add a Prepayment

From a Client Page

  1. On the client page, select + New > + Prepayment above the sidebar on the right-hand side of the page.
  2. Check the date and add the payment type, amount, and description if needed (may be required).
  3. Select Save.

From an Invoice Page

If a client wants to add a prepayment in addition to paying an invoice at the end of a visit, you can add the prepayment from the invoice page when finalising the invoice. Note that you can do this if overpayments are allowed on invoices.

  1. Finalise the invoice and add the payment as usual according to your workflow.
    • In the two-step workflow, you can enter the total payment amount received, including the prepayment amount, in one go.
    • In the single-step workflow, add another payment for the prepayment after adding the actual invoice payment.
  2. Select the Transfer to prepayments button.
  3. Add a description if needed (may be required) and select Verify transfer to prepayments.
  4. Select Confirm.

From a Credit Note

When you create a credit note, the sum to be credited can be transferred as a prepayment to the client's account for future use.

  • When you credit an invoice in full or credit an invoice and create a invoice, select the Move the selected to prepayments option when creating the credit note.
  • When you credit an invoice partially, finish the credit note and then select the Transfer to prepayments button on the credit note page.

Complete the transfer in the same way as on an invoice page.

With Nordhealth Pay

For adding a prepayment with Nordhealth Pay, see Prepayments and Prepayment Refunds.

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