View Prepayment Transactions

A client's prepayment transactions are listed in the Prepayments section of the Billing tab on the client page.

If enabled in the department settings, prepayments added to a client's account in one department are also available to use in other departments. The prepayments section shows all prepayment transactions in all departments. When prepayments have been used between different departments on an invoice, the payment type of the transaction is shown as 'Internal transfer' and the description field shows information about the cross-department transfer. This section also shows those prepayments that Provet Cloud has used for automated internal transfers in cross-department payments.

You can use the filters to view all, unused, and used prepayments. To print prepayment transaction details, select the Print button at the end of the transaction row.

Prepayment statuses:

  • Ready: The prepayment is ready to be used.
  • Pending: A payment link has been sent to the client for an online prepayment, but the client has not yet paid the amount. Pending prepayments cannot be used or refunded.
  • Fully used: The prepayment amount has been fully used.
  • Failed: The payment failed or the online payment link has expired. Failed prepayments cannot be used or refunded.
  • Aborted: The payment process was interrupted before the payment was finished. Aborted prepayments cannot be used or refunded.

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