Set Up Staff Shifts for Online Booking

  1. Go to Settings > General > Department > Shift types.
  2. Open a shift type you want to include to online booking. To edit an existing shift type, select the pen button on the row.
  3. Select the Appointments and Online booking checkboxes for the shift type.
  4. In the Reason types field, select the appointment reason types that can be selected for this shift type. This setting determines the available times shown to clients in online booking. Note that the reason type setting works in sync with the shift type setting in the reason settings—when you make changes in one place, the corresponding setting is also updated in the other.
  5. Go to Appointments > Shifts and select the Online booking checkbox for the shifts that you want to include to online booking. Shifts that are available for online booking are marked with a computer icon in the shift calendar. To disable online booking for an existing shift, open the shift for editing and deselect the Show in web booking checkbox.

For instructions on making online booking available with shift templates, see Using Shift Templates.

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