Make Online Booking Available to Your Clients

To make online booking available to your clients, you can share a link to the online booking page with your clients or embed the form on your website. If you have multiple departments (locations), each department can have its own online booking page or you can create a common page for all departments.

Go to Settings > General > Department > Online booking and select the Preview online booking button (available when the online booking settings are not in the editing mode). Above the form, you can select some options to adjust your online booking page.

Create an online booking page for a specific department

If you have multiple departments, each department can have its own, specific online booking page. This allows you to have reasons that are specific to the department without having the client choose a department from a drop-down menu on your online booking page.

  1. To set an online booking page for a specific department, select the department from the Department list.
  2. Select the client interaction Language for the online booking page.
  3. Adjust the Size of the online booking view.
  4. The Code example for embedding iframe and Direct link to online booking fields change as you make changes to the form selections above. By changing the department or language selections, you can create a unique URL to have different online booking pages for different departments or languages.
    • Code example for embedding iframe: You can copy this code and use it to embed the form to your website.
    • Direct link to online booking (recommended): You can use this link to add a link to your online booking page on your website or share it with your clients on your social media channels or by email. This method is recommended.


Create a common online booking page for all departments

If you want to have one common online booking page for all your departments, do not select a department from the Department list. In this case, your clients will need to select a department in the online booking form to see the available appointment times for the department. If you only have one department and have not selected a specific department for your reason groups, you can ignore the Department setting.

As above, select the Language and Size options and copy the code or link to embed the online booking page to your website or share with your clients. 

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