View and Admit Appointments Booked Online

Appointments that have been booked online are marked with a computer icon in the appointment calendar. When you open the appointment details dialogue, you can view the information added by the client under Online booking information. If a matching client and patient were found in the existing records in your Provet Cloud, they are shown as links the appointment details. 

If no matches were found, you can either add an existing client and patient manually or create a new client and/or patient. With online booking, the process of admitting a patient and starting a consultation is the same as with other appointments.

  • First select Mark as arrived to consultation. The online booking information is shown on the Mark as arrived to consultation page.
  • To add an existing client and/or patient, select the client and/or patient in the Client and Patients fields. Note that information is not automatically saved from the online booking details to the existing client's records, for example, if the online booking information includes an email address which is missing from the existing client records.
  • To create a new client and/or patient, select the New client and/or New Patient buttons. The information is automatically copied from the online booking information to the fields in the New client and New patient dialogues.

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