Bulk Create Consolidated Invoices

You can bulk create consolidated invoices, for example, to consolidate invoices for all clients in one go. A consolidated invoice can be created only if there are two or more unpaid invoices for a client. Note that draft invoices cannot be included in the consolidated invoices.

  1. Go to Clients & Patients > Invoices.
  2. Select the filters and search options you want to use. The consolidated invoice is created from a filtered list. For example, to consolidate all unpaid consultation invoices for all clients, select the Due and Consultation filters. If you want to consolidate just one client's invoices, use the search field to find the specific client.
  3. Select Tools > Create consolidated invoices. The Bulk create invoices dialogue opens. If you want to view a list of the included invoices, select the Consolidated invoices button. Note that when bulk creating consolidated invoices, excluded invoices are not listed as when creating a consolidated invoice from selected invoices. The dialogue shows the total number of invoices being consolidated and the number of consolidated invoices that will be created.
  4. Select Create.

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