Print Consolidated Invoices

Print a Consolidated Invoice

If you want to include a list of the original invoices in the consolidated invoice printout, select the Include consolidated invoices on print checkbox under Related invoices on the consolidated invoice page. Depending on the settings, this option may be selected by default.

To print a consolidated invoice directly, select the Print button. The invoice opens in a pop-up print dialog.

You can also select one of the options from the Print button arrow menu:

  • Print with preview: Opens a preview of the invoice printout.
  • Print receipt: Opens the invoice as a receipt.
  • Print with consolidated rows: Includes a list of all the individual invoice rows of the original invoices.
  • Print with consolidated rows grouped: Includes a list of the invoice items of the original invoices (invoice rows grouped by items).
  • Treatment overview: Shows an overview of the invoices including the diagnoses and a list of the treatment items of the original invoices.
  • Invoice breakdown: Shows the invoice rows of the original invoices by consultation visits, including detailed item information.

Print Invoices Included in a Consolidated Invoice

You can print the individual invoices included in a consolidated invoice. Under Related invoices, select the Print button on the invoice row.

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