Overview of Discounts and Coupons

Discount Schemes

You can set up automatic invoice discounts known as discount schemes in Provet Cloud. When items are added during a consultation or to a counter sale, the discount schemes automatically apply the defined discounts on the items based on the defined time frames, client or patient tags, and/or item criteria.

NOTE: Discount schemes are department-specific and cannot be shared across multiple departments. The active department selected when discount schemes are created is where the discount scheme will be available.

Client Discounts

You can set up client-specific automatic discounts to use for various purposes, for example, frequent visit clients, rescue organisation discounts, or employee discounts.

Mass Discounts on Invoices

Mass discounts can be applied to unfinalised invoices. A mass discount must be initially set manually on an invoice, but you can set the discount to be permanent for the client in the future.


Coupons can be applied during invoicing as a form of payment. Depending on the settings, coupons can be applied to draft and/or finalised invoices.

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