Create and Send a Referral from Referral Portal

You can send referrals using the Provet Cloud Referral Portal if the receiving clinic or hospital has given you access to send referrals to them.

To create a referral, go to the My referrals page and select NEW REFERRAL in the top right corner of the page. Mandatory fields on the referral form are marked with an asterisk (*).

  • Organization: Select the receiving organisation (clinic or hospital). If you have access to a single organisation, it will be selected by default.
  • Department: Select the department/clinic in the receiving clinic or hospital.
  • Client: Fill in the client details. Make sure that you select the correct calling code for the phone number. The client ID number is their personal identification number from their proof or identity document such as a passport or an ID card.
  • Patient: Fill in the patient details. Note that the species, breed, and insurance company options come from the list that is used by the receiving organisation.
  • Referral: Select the appropriate referral type and fill in the requested information. The referral types and requested information are created by the receiving clinic or hospital.
  • Attachments: You can add attachments, such as photographs or documents, to the referral. Supported formats are shown when you hover over the field. The file size limit is 20 MB.
  • DICOM files: If the receiving clinic uses Provet Cloud PACS, you can also attach DICOM files to the referral.

Note that before you can send the referral, you must mark that you have consent from the patient owner to share the given information with the receiving clinic.

When ready, select SAVE & SEND to send the referral to the receiving clinic. You can also save the referral as a draft and finish it later.

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