Monitor Referrals and View Feedback in Referral Portal

You can send referrals using the Provet Cloud Referral Portal if the receiving clinic or hospital has given you access to send referrals to them. After sending a referral, you can monitor its status and received feedback on the My referrals page. The referral status is shown in the Status column of the referral list. See the table below for status descriptions

When the receiving clinic sends feedback for your referral, you will receive a notification message if notifications are enabled. To edit your notification preferences, go to your user profile from the top right corner of the page.

To view the referral and the received feedback, select VIEW on the referral row. The feedback is shown at the bottom of the page under Received feedbacks. You can download any attached files from the feedback attachments.

Referral Statuses

Status Description
All All referrals
Draft Referrals in draft status
Sent Referrals that have been sent out from the portal
Received Referrals that have been received by the Provet Cloud system
In progress An appointment has been booked for the referral by the receiving organisation and the related consultation may already be ongoing or has ended in the organisation's Provet Cloud system.
Feedback received The receiving organisation has sent feedback for the referral.
Deleted at receiving hospital The receiving organisation has deleted the referral from their Provet Cloud system.
Failed The referral sending process has failed.
Updated Referral has received new feedback from the receiving organisation.

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