Create a Referral in Provet Cloud

The following instructions apply if you do not use the Referral Portal add-on functionality to receive patient referrals to your Provet Cloud. If you use the Provet Cloud Referral Portal, see how to receive a referral sent via the Referral Portal.

If you want to send a referral to another clinic or hospital, see Create and Send a Referral from Referral Portal or Send a Patient Referral by Email.

Create a New Referral

Note that to be able to create a referral in Provet Cloud, the referring organisation or veterinarian must first be saved as a client in your Provet Cloud.

To create a new patient referral:

  1. Go to Dashboard > Patient referrals tab.
  2. Select New patient referral in the upper right-hand corner of the page. A dialogue opens.
  3. Add Referring organization and/or Referring veterinarian. This information is required.
  4. Add Client and Patient. This information is required.
  5. Add any additional information. For example, you can use the referral status for future reference and referral identification or add additional notes and attachments to the referral.
  6. Select Save to save the referral or Save and link to appointments to book and link an appointment for the referral.

Next step: Book an Appointment for a Referral

Alternative Options

Create a Patient Referral from an Appointment

You can also start by booking an appointment and create a patient referral from the appointment details dialogue:

  1. In the appointment dialogue, select Referred patient from the Patient type drop-down list at the bottom of the dialogue. New options appear.
  2. Add the referring organisation or veterinarian and select the Create patient referral checkbox.

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