Book an Appointment for a Received Referral

Referrals received from the Referral Portal or created in Provet Cloud are listed on Patient care > Patient Referrals with the status 'Received'. If an approval step is used, received and checked referrals may also have the status 'Approved'.

  1. On Patient care > Patient Referrals, open a referral for editing using the white pen button at the end of the row. The referral dialogue opens.
  2. Select the + Appointments button at the bottom of the dialogue. You are directed to the appointment calendar where you can book an appointment.
  3. The referral information is shown in the appointment dialogue, and the client, patient, referring organisation, and referring veterinarian (depending on the Referral Portal settings) are prefilled. Fill in any other necessary information and select Save. The status of the referral changes to 'Appointment booked'. Note that you cannot change the referring organisation or veterinarian in the appointment. To make changes to the referral, go to Patient care > Patient Referrals and edit the referral.

Next step: Admit a Referred Patient and Begin Consultation

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