Patient Referral Settings

For Provet Cloud Referral Portal setup instructions and settings, see Referral Portal Setup.

Settings > Department > Patient referrals

  • Enable patient referrals: When this setting is selected, the patient referrals function for received referrals is available in Provet Cloud.
  • Enable referral patient taggingWhen this setting is selected, you can add referral tags which will be automatically added to a patient when a referral is created on the Patient Referrals dashboard or a consultation is started for a referred patient.
  • Copy the referrer from a previous consultation: When this setting is selected, the referring organisation or veterinarian is automatically copied from the previous consultation when a referral is created for the same patient.
  • Include owner info in patient referral email and history PDF: When this setting is selected, the patient owner information in the patient referral email and patient history PDF file.

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