Send a Patient Referral by Email

You can send a patient referral to another clinic or hospital by email from patient history:

  1. Find the patient on the Clients & Patients page and go to the patient's History tab.
  2. Select the email button on the top right-hand side of the patient history section.
  3. By default, the Email addresses field shows the email address saved in the client information. Replace it with the receiving veterinarians address.
  4. You may need to select a Sending reason. If automatic task creation for sending reasons is enabled in your Provet Cloud, a task is created for you related to the referral. Sending reasons can also be used to create a report of referrals sent by email.
  5. The patient history is sent as an email attachment. To add an additional message to the email, you can type directly in the message field or use a template if available. You can also add additional attachments, such as invoices or receipts, if available.
  6. Select Send.

If the receiving clinic or hospital uses Provet Cloud Referral Portal and has given you access to send referrals to them, you can create and send a referral using the Referral Portal.

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