Find, View, and Edit Draft Consultations

Find and View Draft Consultations

Under Recent consultations on the Dashboard:

  1. Select the Draft filter.
  2. If you only want to find draft consultations that have an appointment for today, select the Show only drafts for today's upcoming appointments checkbox.
  3. To view a draft consultation, select the stethoscope button at the end of the consultation row.

Under Scheduled appointments on the Dashboard:

  • If a draft consultation has been created for an upcoming appointment, the appointment is shown under Scheduled appointments with 'Draft' Consultation status. To view the draft consultation, select the button with three dots at the end of the appointment row and select Go to draft consultation from the pop-up menu. 

In the appointment calendar:

  • To view the draft consultation of an appointment, right-click on the appointment and select Draft Consultation from the pop-up menu.

Edit a Draft Consultation

On the draft consultation page, a note is shown below the page title and the draft status is shown next to the page title. You can view and edit the consultation basic information and add clinical notes and discharge instructions. If student features are in use, the unapproved notes functions are also available.

On a draft consultation page, you can admit the patient by selecting Check In Patient in the bottom right corner of the draft consultation page.

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