Mobile App Account Settings and User Profile Options

When you are logged in to the Provet Cloud mobile app, you can select your personal account settings and user profile options for the app on the settings page. Select the settings page on the right in the bottom navigation bar.



Account Settings (a)

To open your account settings, tap your user name. In the account settings, you can:

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Switch department
  • Change your login method to biometric
  • Change you pin code

View Options (b)

In View options, you can:

  • Set the text size for the app
  • Select the language for the app

Deregister Provet Cloud Data from a Mobile Device (c)

If you stop using the Provet Cloud mobile app on a specific mobile device, you can deregister Provet Cloud data from the device: on the settings page, select Deregister Provet Cloud data from this device.

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