Cancel Medicine, Food, and Supply Refills

You may sometimes need to cancel active refills, for example, if a product has been replaced with another similar product. In that case, you can cancel the active refill for the old product and add a new refill for the new one. To cancel refills, you need the required permissions.

You can cancel a refill on the client's page, either from the Refills panel on the right-hand side of the page or on the Treatments tab in the Refills section:

  • In the side panel, select the x button. The cancelled refill is removed from the active refills.
  • On the Treatments tab: In the Actions column at the end of the refill row, select the button with three dots and then select Cancel refills from the pop-up menu.

The cancelled refill is shown in the Refills section on the Treatments tab with the status Cancelled. If needed, you can renew a cancelled refill.

Required Permissions

Settings > Users > Permission groups:

  • Can cancel refills: Users that have 'write' permissions can cancel and reactivate refills.

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