Search for Stock Items and Batches

Go to Inventory > Stock. On the Item view tab, you can find all items in stock. On the Batch view tab, you can view the item batches.

Using the Search field, you can find items and batches that match your search text. The search looks for the search text anywhere within the item names.

In addition, you can use the available filters:

  • Stock min and Stock max: Filter items by a minimum and/or maximum stock level.
  • Wholesaler: View the items of a specific wholesaler.
  • Alert level: View items that are below or at their alert level. See how to set stock alert levels.
  • Below optimum level: View items that are below their optimum stock level. See how to set stock optimum levels.
  • Item subgroup: View items of a specific subgroup.
  • Expiry date in days: View items that have expired or are expiring within the selected time frame.
  • Inventory check last performed: View items that have had an inventory check done within the selected time.
  • Department: View items of a specific department.
  • Stock locations: If stock locations are used in your Provet Cloud, view items that are in a specific stock location.
  • Exclude items with open order: Filter out items that have an open, unsent order.
  • Exclude items waiting for delivery: Filter out items that have been ordered but not yet delivered.
  • Show hidden items: View items that have been hidden in the item settings.

To export your search results to an Excel file, select an option from the Export button drop-down menu. 

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