Avoid Duplicate Clients

You may end up with duplicate clients, for example, if you add the same client with a different name or address or add too little information in the client profile.

When adding a new client to Provet Cloud, only the last name of the client or organisation name is required. However, you can avoid accidentally saving duplicate clients in the system by making sure you have filled in the fields listed below:

  • ID number: This is the client's identity number from their proof of identity. It is different from the ID numbers which are automatically generated and shown in parentheses next to the client and patient names.
  • Register number: Can be added when the client is marked as a referring organization.
  • Email and Additional emails
  • Phone number: All saved phone numbers.

  • Combination of First name, Last name, and Street address or Post code

If a matching client is found, you will see a notification with a Show duplicates button to show the clients with duplicate information. You can select whether you want to continue creating a new client or select an existing client.

If you have duplicate client records, you can merge the data from one client record to another.

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