Edit Patient Details

  1. In the Clients & Patients view, find the patient you want to edit. 
  2. On the patient page, select the pen icon next to the Patient details section title to edit the patient details.

Note that you can also edit many of the fields directly: just click on the field to enter editing mode.

Patient Details

Name and Species are required.

In addition, you can fill in any additional information necessary for your purposes, such as the patient's BreedBlood groupGenderDate of birthDate of registrationColourInsurance company and Insurance numberMicrochip idRegister numberCPR agreement made with the client, Additional identification and Passport number.

Some other additional information is listed below. Available fields may vary depending on the organisation and department settings.

  • Official name: May be required depending on the department settings.
  • Tags: You can add tags or select existing tags if available, for example, to provide extra information about the patient. Tags may be required depending on the department settings.
  • Stable/yard name and/or separate address if the patient's address is different from the client's address. The fields are available depending on the department settings.
  • Critical notes and Remarks: You can add any critical notes about the patient as well as additional remarks. Critical notes are shown at the top of the patient's consultation view.
  • Home department: The patient's home department in your organisation. This can be different from the client's home department if a client has several patients with different home departments.
  • Private patient: Available depending on the organisation settings. The private patient option allows restricting the patients' visibility to only the selected departments.
  • Deceased and Reason of death: You can add the date and reason of death of a deceased patient. Deceased patients are automatically archived. Note that if the patient has an active health plan subscription, the subscription is not automatically cancelled when the patient is marked as deceased. See how to cancel a health plan subscription.
  • Archived: Besides deceased patients, you can also archive other patients if needed.

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