Microchip Numbers: Overview and Settings


A new microchip number is typically added when a microchip is implanted during a consultation. When a patient with an existing microchip comes in, you can check the microchip number or add a missing number to the patient's records when marking the patient as arrived. In addition, a microchip number can be added or checked from the microchip icon or in the patient details on the client and patient page.

Tip: When using a barcode reader, click in the microchip field in Provet Cloud before reading the barcode from the microchip package. Most barcode readers add the microchip number automatically to the selected field.

A microchip number should be 15 characters long according to the ISO 11784 standard. However, it is also possible to save a shorter number in Provet Cloud.

See more about adding and checking microchip numbers:

If the VetEnvoy integration is used in your Provet Cloud for microchip registration, Provet Cloud prompts you to register the microchip after you have added it. See how to use the VetEnvoy integration for registering microchips:


Settings > General > Department > Department settings

  • Enable microchip recommendation: When this setting is selected, the microchip field is included on the 'mark as arrived' page and a microchip check reminder is shown on the invoice page if the patient's microchip was not checked during the consultation.
  • Require microchip implantation date for microchipped patients: When this setting is selected, the microchip implantation date must be added when a microchip number is added or changed.
  • Add procedures without confirmation: When this setting is not selected, the microchip dialogue for adding a new microchip number opens automatically after a microchipping procedure has been added to a consultation's treatment items. See also the microchipping item setting below.

Settings > Items & Lists > Items

The microchipping special procedure option must be selected for items that automatically open the microchip dialogue for adding a new microchip number:

  • On the Items & Lists page, open the microchipping item for editing. On the General tab, under Item options, select the Microchipping option from the Special procedure drop-down list.


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