Check an Existing Microchip Number

When a patient has an existing microchip, you may want to check that the microchip works and the number matches the information saved in Provet Cloud.

When a patient's existing microchip number has not been checked for over a month, the microchip icon is orange. Depending on the settings, a reminder may also be shown on the invoice page if the patient's microchip was not checked during the consultation.

Note that the microchip number saved in Provet Cloud cannot be checked automatically against a microchip reader's reading. You have to compare the numbers and confirm the microchip number in Provet Cloud manually.

  1. Select the patient's microchip icon anywhere it is available. In a multi-patient consultation, you can check the patients' microchip numbers from the microchip icons in the appointment details dialogue.
  2. In the microchip dialogue, the current microchip number is shown in the Microchip id field. Check that the microchip number is correct and select Check. If the microchip is not correct, you can change it.

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