Register a Microchip Number

You can register a patient's microchip number after adding a new number or checking or changing an existing number, or when a valid microchip number has already been saved to the patient's records. 

  1. Add, change or check a microchip number first or register an existing number.
    • When adding a new microchip number during a consultation: When you add a microchipping procedure on a consultation page, the microchip dialogue opens automatically for saving and registering a microchip number. Note that in multi-patient consultations, microchip numbers can be added for several patients in one go, but registering has to be done separately.
    • When adding a new microchip number in the patient details: If you add or change a microchip number in the patient details on the client and patient page, a Register to VetEnvoy button appears below the Microchip id field.
    • Registering an existing number from the microchip icon: Hover your mouse over the microchip icon to view the patient's microchip information. If a previous registration attempt has failed, the tooltip includes a Retry link. Select the microchip icon or the retry link.

    • Registering an existing number from the patient details: When a microchip number has been saved but not registered, a Register VetEnvoy link is shown next to the Microchip field in Patient Details.

  2. In the microchip dialogue, select the Register to VetEnvoy checkbox.
  3. If microchip providers have been saved in your Provet Cloud, you can select a provider in the Microchip provider field.
  4. If the client is a breeder, select the Microchipped for breeder checkbox. This checkbox is selected by default if the client is marked as a breeder in the client details.
  5. Select Save microchip and register to VetEnvoy.

Note that the client's address and phone number and the patient's breed must be saved in the client and patient details before a microchip number can be registered. If any of the required information is missing, the registration fails, and the missing information is listed in the registration dialogue with the Go to client & patient details button.

Once the registration is finished, either a success or an error message is shown. You can also close the registration dialogue while the registration process is still ongoing and open the registration dialogue again later to view the result.

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