Track Sent Referrals

Generate a Sent Referrals Report

You can view a report of referrals sent by email if referral tracking has been set up in your Provet Cloud and you have permissions to access communication reports.

  1. Go to Reports > Communication > Sent referrals.
  2. Select the filters you want to use. You can filter the report by the referral sending time, sending reason, and area of expertise. You can also group the report by the sending reason or area of expertise, or use no grouping.
  3. Select Generate report.

To print or export the list, select one of the options from the Export / Print button menu.

Track Your Own Referrals Using Tasks

If automatic tasks for sending reasons have been enabled, a task is automatically created for you when you send a referral by email.

To view and manage your tasks, select the checkmark icon in the top menu bar. You can open tasks assigned to you directly from the drop-down menu or select All tasks to view and search your clinic's whole task list. Read more about viewing and managing tasks.

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