Resend a Link for a Viivi Telemedicine Appointment

You can resend a Viivi telemedicine link, for example, if the client has lost the original email or text message containing the link.

When a Viivi telemedicine link has been added to an appointment, the appointment is marked with a Viivi telemedicine icon in the appointment calendar (a). When you open the appointment, the appointment details dialogue includes a button for resending the call link (b). The button is also shown on the consultation page under General info (c).

To resend a Viivi telemedicine link:

  1. Select the Send telemedicine link button and choose one of the sending options (email or SMS). A message dialogue opens.
  2. The Viivi telemedicine link is automatically generated to the default message. You can edit the message and other information if necessary, but be careful not to change the link.
  3. Select Send.

You can also <<change an existing in-person consultation to a Viivi telemedicine virtual consultation>>.




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