Add Planned Treatment Items for a Patient

Planned treatments are typically used in hospitals for patients during their stay in the hospital. The treatment plan functions are available if enabled in the settings. See how to enable the treatment planning functions.

You can create a treatment plan when adding treatment items during a consultation.

  1. On the consultation page, add the treatment item as any consultation item and edit the item information.
    • For medicine items, select Administered for Usage type. For food and supply items, also dispensed items can be planned.
  2. At the bottom of the item dialogue, select Plan.
  3. Add the Start date and End date for the treatment. For an ongoing treatment that has no set end date, select the Ongoing checkbox. 
  4. In Repetitions per day, add the number of times the treatment is performed during one day. Then add the times of day when the treatment is performed in the time fields. Using the Timing for the first day option, you can set separate timings for the first day of treatments if necessary.
  5. If you want all repetition timings to be adjusted accordingly if one of them is changed, select the Adjust all timings checkbox. If you do not select the checkbox, only the timings you change manually are changed and other timings remain as they are.
  6. For medicine items, decide if you want to use a dispense fee, and if you want to apply it only once for the plan, once a day, or for every repetition.
  7. Select Save plan.

You can also save and print a label for dispensed items. For administered medicines, a label is not usually needed as the medicine is administered in the clinic and the instructions, dose, and quantity are defined in the item details.


The planned treatment items appear under the 'planned' section of the treatment item section, for example, Planned medicines, Planned foods, or Planned supplies. You can use the filters to view the planned items for a specific period of time, for example, all planned items for today. To view the item information in detail, select the i button on an item row. To edit the item information or the treatment plan, select the pen button. Note that if you edit the plan, all upcoming planned items are updated.

A patient may have several planned treatments, for example, for different medicines. In the Treatment overview section on the consultation page, you can view the patient's all consultation treatment items, including planned items.

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