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Booking an Appointment Online

Pre-Registering and Checking In for Your Appointment

Booking an Appointment Online

Note that you can only book single-pet appointments online. If you want to book an appointment to bring in more than one animal at the same time, please contact the clinic directly to book your appointment.

  1. Open the online booking page from the link provided by your clinic.
  2. Select the options for the required information. The days with available times for the selected appointment reason are highlighted in the calendar.
  3. Select a day to view the available appointment times below the calendar. You can use the filters to view available times for the whole day, morning, afternoon, or evening.
  4. Select the Choose button to select an appointment time. A new page opens.
  5. Fill in your own and your pet's information. The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*). If you want your browser to remember your information for the next time, select the Remember me checkbox.
  6. Select Confirm appointment to finalise your booking. You will receive a confirmation message by email and/or text message. If pre-registration is available for the appointment, the confirmation message contains a link to the pre-registration page.



Pre-Registering and Checking In for Your Appointment

If pre-registration is used by the clinic and is available for your appointment type, your appointment confirmation message contains a link to the clinic's pre-registration page. If the clinic uses two-factor authentication for pre-registration, you will first receive a verification code by SMS which you must enter to access the pre-registration page.

On the pre-registration page, you can check and update your own and your pet's information and answer any pre-appointment questions the clinic may want you to answer depending on the reason of your visit. By pre-registering and answering the pre-appointment questions, you can reduce your waiting time and make your visit quicker and smoother.

If the clinic allows online check-in, you can check in for your appointment on the pre-registration page under Mark yourself as arrived. Note that check-in may become available later, depending on how long before the appointment the clinic allows check-in. For example, if the clinic does not allow check-in until 30 minutes before the appointment, you will see a message telling when you can check in.

If the clinic has several waiting areas, they may also ask you to choose one to let them know where you are waiting.



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