Stop or Delete Planned Treatments

You can delete planned treatments that have not been started yet or stop an active a planned treatment that has been added during a consultation.

If the patient has several treatment plans and you want to delete all of them, you can do it in one go:

  1. On the consultation page, select the Plans button at the top of the Treatment items section, on the right-hand side. 
  2. In the dialogue, select Delete not started plans.

 If you want to stop or delete a specific treatment plan:

  1. Find the planned treatment item in the Treatment overview section.
  2. Select the red and white stop button on the item row and confirm.

When an already started treatment plan is stopped, you can still see it under Treatment overview, but its status shows as 'ended'. Any items that were already marked as done remain in the consultation treatment items and will be included on the invoice. If the treatment plan was not yet started, it is deleted and will not show in the list anymore.

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