Edit a Health Plan

Note! When editing a health plan that has existing subscriptions, be careful not to make changes that result in a breach of contract. Note that the cost of existing subscriptions does not change automatically if you edit the health plan.

In Settings > Items & Lists > Health plan under Health plan templates, select the pen button to open the health plan you want to edit.


Add or Delete Items and Item Groups

Note! If you want to update a new item to all active subscriptions, find the item using the item buttons and then select the Update to active plans checkbox in the dialogue. If not selected, the changes are only applied to new subscriptions. If you search for an item using the search field, the item is added directly to the item list without the option to update to all active subscriptions.

Adding items: You can use the search field or the item buttons to find and add new items.

Adding item groups: Select the Item Group button and find the item group you want to add. If you want to update the item group to all active subscriptions, select the Update to active plans checkbox.

Deleting items or item groups: Select the trash can button. If you want to delete the item or item group from all active subscriptions, select the Remove from active plans checkbox in the dialogue.
You can edit the contents of item groups in Settings > Items & Lists > Health plan.

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