View Health Plan Subscription Payments

To view your clinic's health plan subscription payments, go to Records > Health plan (the name of the page may be different in your Provet Cloud) and select the Payments tab. The payment list shows all health plan subscription payments of the departments for which you have permissions.


You can use the filters to view payments by status: All, Failed, Late, Paid, or Cancelled payments (due to subscription cancellation). If an automatic recurring payment has failed, the retry and latest attempt columns show how many times the payment has been attempted (the maximum number depends on the settings) and the date of the latest attempt.

In the Health plan field, you can select specific health plans to view, and with the Paid after and Paid before fields, you can limit the date range of the payments. From Columns, you can select the columns to show in the list. To save your selected filters and columns so that the same selections are applied the next time you view the payment list, select the wrench tool button > Save filters.

To view a client's health plan subscription, select the link in the Health plan column. In the health plan dialogue, you can edit the subscription items, view the payments, print or send the subscription details by email, or go to the subscription page for more editing options (for more information, see the other sections in this article).

From the other links in the list, you can go to the invoice page and the client's and patient's pages. The notebook button in the patient column takes you to the patient's history page. You can also hover with the mouse over the icons in the list to view the client's or patients tags, critical notes added for the client or patient, and the patient's health plan subscription status.

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