Cancel a Health Plan Subscription

Note that if a patient marked as deceased has an active health plan subscription, the subscription is not automatically cancelled but has to be cancelled manually.

  1. On the Records > Health Plan page (the page name may be different in your Provet Cloud) find the subscription you want to edit.
  2. Select the eye button at the end of the subscription row to open the subscription page.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the subscription page, select Tools > Cancel subscription. You can also start by editing the subscription status
  4. In the Cancel subscription dialogue, select the cancellation reason and add any optional notes.
  5. To generate a cancellation invoice, select the Create cancellation invoice checkbox. The default cancellation fee specified in the settings is shown in the Cancellation fee field, but you can change it. Any completed subscription payments as well as the value of used items is also shown and used for calculating the total sum for the cancellation invoice.
  6. Select Cancel Subscription. A counter sale invoice is generated for the cancellation.

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