Migrate a Patient's Health Plan Subscription Plan

If your clinic is migrating to Provet Cloud as a new clinic or if you start using the Provet Cloud health plan feature when you already have plans in place, you can manually mark items that have already been used in the plan and modify the subscription duration.

Mark Items as Used

  1. On the Records > Health Plan page (the page name may be different in your Provet Cloud) find the subscription you want to edit.
  2. Select the eye button at the end of the subscription row to open the subscription page.
  3. In the Unused items section, select the Manage Items button. Small x buttons appear at the end of the item rows. 
  4. Select the x button to edit an item. In the dialogue, add the Quantity that has been used.
  5. Select Save. The quantity is updated or the item is removed if all quantity was used.


Edit the Subscription Duration

In the bottom right corner of the subscription page, select Tools > Edit subscription duration. Change the start and/or end date and save.

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