Clinical Notes Overview and Basic Functions

Clinical notes are the main way to record patient medical history in Provet Cloud. They are meant for internal use and communication between veterinary professionals. 

Writing clinical notes is part of the general consultation workflow. You can add clinical notes on the consultation page, in the text field under Clinical notes (1). The text in the field is auto-saved. Depending on the settings, the clinical note field may also be pre-filled with a default note or a template used for the selected appointment reason

If the patient has clinical notes from previous consultations, you can select Show previous clinical notes (2) to view them. The previous clinical notes are listed with links to the clinical note edit log and the related consultation page.

If clinical note templates have been defined for the department, you can select a template from Text templates (3). You can also create your own templates and edit templates assigned to you if you have the required rights. For more information about templates, see Creating and Editing Text Templates.


Other clinical note options and functionality depend on the clinical note workflow your clinic uses (single or multiple notes) and the related settings.

Single clinical note per patient in one consultation: In the single-note setup, you can add one clinical note for a patient in one consultation. This is the Provet Cloud default setup. Single notes can be used in single- or multi-patient consultations.

Multiple clinical notes per patient in one consultation: In this setup, you can add multiple clinical notes for a patient in one consultation. Multiple notes can be used in single- or multi-patient consultations. Note that multiple notes are always used if your practice uses the Provet cloud 'hospital mode' and the patient is marked as an inpatient.

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