Write a Single Clinical Note Per Patient in One Consultation

In the single-note setup, you can add one clinical note for a patient in one consultation. This is the Provet Cloud default setup. Single notes can be used in single- or multi-patient consultations.

Note that if your practice uses the Provet Cloud 'hospital mode', multiple notes are always enabled for hospital inpatients.

You can add clinical notes on the consultation page, in the text field under Clinical notes. The latest version of the note is shown in the field. The timestamp link under the field shows the time of the last edit and the user who edited the note. To view the edit history of the note, select the link. To print the clinical note, select the print button above the field.

Note that in the single-note workflow, you cannot delete clinical notes.

Single Notes in Multi-Patient Consultations

When you have more than one patient in one consultation, you can write notes that are saved to each patient's clinical history.

  • In multi-patient consultations, the All patients field is shown by default under Clinical notes. Writing notes in this field creates an entry for all patients on the consultation.
  • If you want to write a note for a specific patient only, select the patient from the Select patient drop-down list in the right-hand side sidebar. Another clinical note field opens for the selected patient.

Each clinical note field in a multi-patient consultation has its own edit log which you can open from the link below the field.

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