Write Multiple Clinical Notes Per Patient in One Consultation

In the multiple notes setup, you can add multiple clinical notes for a patient in one consultation. Multiple notes can be used in single- or multi-patient consultations. Multiple notes are also used when your practice uses the Provet cloud 'hospital mode' and the patient is marked as an inpatient.

  1. You can add clinical notes on the consultation page, in the text field under Clinical notes. Depending on the settings, you may need to select the plus button to open a field for adding a new clinical note.
  2. You can select the date and time for the note, for example, if you add a note afterwards to a finalised consultation. However, note that the edit log of the note shows the actual date and time of the edit.
  3. From the type drop-down list, you can select a clinical note type for the note if clinical note types have been defined. The default note type is 'General'.
  4. The text added to the clinical note field is auto-saved, but the note remains in the draft state (even when draft clinical notes are not enabled in the settings) until you save it manually using the check mark button. Before saving, you can delete the note using the X button.

The existing clinical notes are listed below the note field. The timestamp link at the beginning of each row shows the time of the last edit and the user who edited it. You can select the link to view the edit history of the note. Using the buttons at the end of each row, you can print or edit the note.

You can use the filters and the text field to filter and search the list. To view the clinical notes of a specific clinical note type, select an option from the Type drop-down list. To save your selected filters so that the same selections are applied the next time you view clinical notes, select the wrench tool button > Save filters. Note that the same selections are used on all consultation pages.

Multiple Notes in Multi-Patient Consultations

When multiple notes are used and you have more than one patient in a consultation, you can select a patient from the Select patient drop-down list in the sidebar or from the Patient drop-down list in the clinical note editor. Note that when you switch the patient from the sidebar, all content on the consultation page changes to show only the selected patient's information. When you switch the patient from the clinical note editor, the selection only affects adding the new clinical note. If you select All, the clinical note is saved for all patients on the consultation.

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