Draft Clinical Notes

When multiple notes are used, clinical notes can be saved as drafts if enabled in your system. Depending on the settings, draft clinical notes may be shown in patient history when emailed or printed.

You can add clinical notes on the consultation page, in the text field under Clinical notes. Clinical notes are auto-saved as drafts, but before you can add a new note, you must save the open note. You can either select the check mark button to save the note as the final version or select the Save draft button if you want to keep it as a draft.

Note that depending on the settings, it may not be possible to finalise a consultation invoice if the consultation has clinical notes in the draft state. If finalising with draft clinical notes is possible, an automatic task may be created for the user who added the note, the active user, or the supervising veterinarian to make sure that users remember to finalise their clinical note drafts.

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