Add Item Quantity to an Existing Batch Without an Order or Purchase Invoice

Items are commonly added to stock through product orders and purchase invoices, but it is also possible to add them without a related order or purchase invoice if necessary. To add quantity for an item to an existing batch:

  1. Go to Inventory > Stock and find the item you want to add quantity for.
  2. On the item row, select the graph button. The Stock dialogue opens.
  3. Select Show batches. The Stock item batches dialogue opens.
  4. Find the batch you want to add to and select the plus button in the Add/Remove from batch column. The Add to stock dialogue opens.
  5. If used in your Provet Could, select the Stock location you want to add the item to.
  6. Enter the quantity in the Packages or Units field. You can use one of the fields or both, in which case the quantities are summed up.
  7. You can add additional information about the stock update in the Note field.
  8. Select Save.


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