Add a Complication Report

Complication reports can be used to track complications for your clinic. Two-level tracking is used in Provet Cloud with categories and subcategories (for example, category 'Medicine side-effects' with subcategories 'Vomiting', 'Diarrhea', etc.). The categories and subcategories for your clinic are defined in your Provet Cloud settings.

If complication reports are used in your Provet Cloud and you have the required permissions, you can add complication reports on the patient pages. 

  1. On a patient page, select Tools > Add complication report. You can also scroll down to the Complication reports section and select the + button next to the section title (the section is visible if at least one complication report has been created for the patient before). The complication report dialogue opens.
  2. Select the complication report Category and Subcategory.
  3. Type the complication description in the Description field and/or add any related files to the 'Drop files here to upload' area.
  4. On the right-hand side of the dialogue, you can view the patient's history. From the Filter by consultation drop-down list, you can select any previous consultation to view the consultation details. If you want to link the complication report to a specific consultation (for example, the consultation during which the complication first occurred), select the consultation and then the Lock consultation button.
  5. When finished, select Save.

You can also create a complication report when adding a diagnosis on a consultation page and then edit the report on the patient page. Note that there are currently no clinic-level complication reports in Provet Cloud; you can only view complication reports for individual patients on the patient page.

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