Add Items Using the Search or Item Buttons

During a consultation, you can add treatment items, such as procedures, medicines, foods and supplies, to the patient's medical records. These items are also used for invoicing purposes.

Use the Search to Add Items

You can search for all available treatment items (procedures, medicines, foods etc.) using the search field under Treatment items. To add an item using the search, type your search text in the field and select an item from the search results list. The item is added under the relevant section on the consultation page depending on the item type.

Use Item Buttons to Add Items

  1. Select the plus (+) button next to the section title of the item type you want to add. The search dialogue opens.
  2. If available, you can select an Item subgroup to limit your search within the subgroup.
  3. Procedure items: Depending on the department settings, procedure items may be added by default without opening a dialogue for editing the quantity and other item information. You can edit the information later, but if you want to edit it before adding the item, select the Do not skip creation step checkbox. For other item types, the item information dialogue always opens by default.
  4. Type your search text in the Search field and select an item.
  5. In the item information dialogue, edit the item information. The information depends on the item type.

The item is added under the item type section on the consultation page. To edit the item information, select the pen button at the end of the item row.

Species-Specific Items

Items may be restricted to specific species meaning that the item cannot be added to patients of other species. Read more about species restrictions.

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