Use Item Bundles on a Consultation

Item bundles provide an easy way to add treatment items that are routinely used in combination during consultations. Item bundles are available if they have been set up in your system.

  1. Select the Bundles button next to the Treatment items section title. If the 'Show bundles in search results' setting is enabled in the department settings, you can also search for bundles using the search field on the consultation page.
  2. In the Treatment item bundles dialogue, select a bundle from which you want to add items. The Add treatment items to consultation dialogue opens.
  3. Select the items you want to add.
    • Note that if the bundle contains items that cannot be used for the species of the selected patient, these items are listed but cannot be used. See also Item Bundles in Multi-Patient Consultations.
    • You can edit the general information, such as the veterinarian, date, cost center, and who the procedure is performed by. 
    • If you add an item from a bundle as a planned item to the consultation, the item discount or fixed price is applied based on the item's discount rule.
  4. Select how you want to show bundles on the finalised invoice:
    • Show bundle title on finalised invoice: The individual items included in the bundle are not shown on the invoice. The items are grouped on one row showing the bundle title.
    • Show items included in bundle on finalized invoice: The individual items included in the bundle are listed on the invoice.
  5. Select Add. The items are added under the item type section.

Item Bundles in Multi-Patient Consultations

When you have more than one patient in a consultation, you can select the patient(s) you want to add items for.

If there are patients of multiple species in the same consultation and the bundle items have species restrictions, the available items depend on the selected patients. Items can be used if they are compatible with all the selected patients, but if an item is compatible with some but not all of the patients, the item is listed but cannot be used. In this case, you can select the patients separately to add the compatible items for them. See Example below.

Read more about species-specific item and bundle restrictions.


In this example, patient Mandy is a cat and patient Max is a dog. The items in the selected bundle have the following species restrictions:

  • "Example medicine 1" is restricted to cats.
  • "Example medicine 2" is restricted to dogs.
  • "Example medicine 3" does not have any species-specific restrictions.

When both patients are selected, only "Example medicine 3" can be used as it is compatible with both species in the consultation. All other items are listed but cannot be selected even though "Example medicine 2" is compatible with Max and "Example medicine 1" with Mandy.


When only Mandy is selected, "Example medicine 1" (restricted to cats) and "Example medicine 3" (no restrictions) can be used.


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