Treatment Plan Settings

Planned treatments are typically used in hospitals for patients during their stay in the hospital. To enable the treatment plan functions, edit the following settings.

Settings > Department > Department settings

  • Enable hospital mode: This setting must be selected to have all treatment planning functions available.
  • Add procedures without confirmation: If you want to be able to plan procedures, make sure that this setting is not selected. If this setting is selected, the planning function is not available for procedure items.

Settings > Department > Plans

  • Enable treatment plans in hospital mode: When this setting is selected, treatment plans can be added for inpatients.
  • Enable treatment plans for outpatient visits: When this setting is selected, treatment plans can be added for outpatients.
  • Enable status entries for patients who receive planned food items: When this setting is selected, patient status (vitals) information (defined using the following setting) can be added when marking planned food item as done for a patient.
  • Patient status fields: Select the status fields you want to include in the food item plan dialogue when marking an item done.
  • Update planned item's schedule: When this setting is selected, a message is shown when an item is marked as done after the planned time has passed, and it is possible to update the planned time for all related future items accordingly. 
  • Treatment overview item search opens plan item by default: When this setting is selected, the search in the Treatment overview section on the consultation page opens the item dialogue with the treatment plan options open and the item type set as 'administered' by default.
  • Default times for planned item repetitions: You can add default repetition times for treatment item types. Users can change the repetition times when adding planned items during a consultation.

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