Add Discharge Instructions

Discharge instructions can be used to communicate follow-up information and instructions to clients. You can add discharge instructions in the Discharge instructions section of the consultation page:

  1. You can type directly in the field or use a template if templates are available. To copy other data from the consultation page, such as clinical notes or treatment item information, select the options from the Bring data drop-down menu. Text is auto-saved in the field. The link below the field shows the time and user of the last edit. To view the edit history, select the link.
  2. If you do not want to include client details in the discharge instructions email or printout, select the Hide client details on email and printout checkbox. Only the patient's name will then included.
  3. If you want to include attachments in the discharge instructions email or printout (for example, the full patient history), select the paper clip button, then select the files and Save attachments. Note that if you forget to save the attachments, the files will not be included in the email or printout.

Discharge Instructions in Multi-Patient Consultations

When you have more than one patient in a consultation, you can write common discharge instructions for all patients or separate instructions for each patient.

  • In multi-patient consultations, the All patients field is shown by default under Discharge instructions. Writing in this field adds the same discharge instructions for all patients in the consultation.
  • To write separate discharge instructions for different patients, select a patient from the Select patient drop-down list in the right-hand side sidebar. Another discharge instructions field opens for the selected patient.

Each discharge instructions field in a multi-patient consultation has its own edit log which you can open from the link below the field.

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