Add a Partial Order to Stock

If you receive a partial order but expect to receive the rest later, you can add the partial order to stock and add the rest when it arrives.

  1. Go to Inventory > Orders
  2. Find and open the order. Check the order information and edit it if necessary.
    • To edit the order and invoice details, select the pen button in the header section.
    • You can add and edit items. If you update the item order quantity and the wholesale price, you can update your pricing scheme by selecting the Update prices checkbox.
  3. Select Mark products delivered. The status of the order changes to 'Products delivered'. 
  4. Update the delivery quantities to what you received and confirm each row by selecting the checkmark button. If batch numbers and expiration dates are used in your Provet Cloud, a new dialogue opens and you can assign the batch number and expiration date for the item. An alert icon appears on the rows when the ordered and delivered quantities do not match. This is fine.
  5. Select Return at the bottom of the page. The page closes and the status of the order changes to 'Partially added to stock'.


When the rest of the order arrives:

  1. Find the order in Inventory > Orders and open it.
  2. On the rows that show an alert about the ordered and delivered quantities not matching, select the plus button in the Delivery quantity column update the delivery quantities.
  3. Select Confirm added to stock. Note that you can also do this if you have not received all the ordered items and do not expect to receive the rest.


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